A phantom for validation

We are proud to announce that in a newly published paper in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, our Research Partner Dr. Markus Nilsson, together with several other partners, collaborators, and Dr. Karin Bryskhe, present a phantom capable of validating MRI acquisition sequences and data processing methods to quantify microstructure in the human brain.

For those researchers who are interested in our advanced diffusion MRI methods, the article proposes a phantom that is manufactured using three widely available chemicals, for use in validation of the MRI pulse sequences.  The acquired data using the phantom are in excellent agreement with theoretical predictions and works well on clinical MRI systems.

In short, very useful indeed.

Random Walk Imaging AB is developing a novel proprietary approach to diffusion MRI. RWI is commercializing dVIEWR powered by MICE Toolkit™ as a novel software solution for clinical researchers and radiologists to better visualize and analyze diffusion MRI data. The company’s software solutions introduce a level of specificity to diffusion MRI that is unprecedented and that has the potential to non-invasively differentiate pathologies affected by changes in tissue microstructure. Based in Lund, part of the Swedish-Danish cross-border region of Medicon Valley, RWI has a broad intellectual property portfolio and unique translational expertise in advanced diffusion NMR and MRI methods.