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Diffusion Symposium 2018 at Grand Hôtel Mölle

16th – 19th of January 2018
Free gradient waveforms, q-trajectories, and fat b-tensors

The last few years have brought forward new and exciting NMR/MRI diffusion encoding schemes that goes beyond the pulsed gradient regime, and this symposium aims to bring together members of the academic community to discuss recent advances and challenges of these novel methods. This year, the symposium will take place at Grand Hôtel Mölle, Sweden, and its objective is to discuss the theoretical findings, and to identify primary applications, for these novel diffusion MRI methods. As with the previous workshop, discussions aiming at identifying and forming strategies to shorten the acquisition times in order to make the methodology clinically feasible will be of key importance to this symposium.

The symposium is free of charge, including food and accommodations, but travel expenses are not covered.

Participation in this symposium is by invitation only. Click here for confirmed participants.

Travel information and general information can be found here.


Dr. Karin Bryskhe
Random Walk Imaging
Phone: +46 707522031

Dr. Greta Eklund
Executive Assistant
Random Walk Imaging
Phone: +46 707521434

Scientific Committee

Dr. Carl-Fredrik Westin
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Harvard Medical school

Dr. Daniel Topgaard
Physical Chemistry
Lund University

Dr. Markus Nilsson
Faculty of Medicine
Lund University

Dr. Samo Lasič
Random Walk Imaging

Dr. Filip Szczepankiewicz
CRC and Technical Specialist
Random Walk Imaging