Diffusion Symposium 2018 at Grand Hôtel Mölle, SE

We have spent the last four days at Grand Hôtel Mölle in Sweden and although not at the most intriguing of seasons, we did manage to squeeze in a traditional Swedish crayfish party.

Apart from the food, we have enjoyed presentations and workshops on free gradient waveforms, q-trajectories and fat b-tensors, together with researchers from all over the world.  The aim of the symposium was to bring together the best brains within the field to discuss theoretical findings and to identify primary applications for these methods.

We believe our objective was well exceeded and extend a big ‘Thank You’ to all of you that made the Diffusion Symposium 2018 possible – we had many fruitful discussions and leave scientifically inspired.

Random Walk Imaging AB is developing a novel proprietary approach to diffusion MRI. RWI is commercializing dVIEWR powered by MICE Toolkit™ as a novel software solution for clinical researchers and radiologists to better visualize and analyze diffusion MRI data. The company’s software solutions introduce a level of specificity to diffusion MRI that is unprecedented and that has the potential to non-invasively differentiate pathologies affected by changes in tissue microstructure. Based in Lund, part of the Swedish-Danish cross-border region of Medicon Valley, RWI has a broad intellectual property portfolio and unique translational expertise in advanced diffusion NMR and MRI methods.