Random Walk Imaging

Most-downloaded publication!

Congratulations to our Academic Partner, Prof. Daniel Topgaard, whose “Multidimensional diffusion MRI” published 2017 in Journal of Magnetic Resonance was one of the journal’s most downloaded and read articles.

Other News

Publication: Gain better microstructural detail with spectrally modulated gradients.

Congratulations to our academic partners and to our colleague Samo Lasič, senior author of the recently published “Multidimensional diffusion MRI with spectrally modulated gradients reveals unprecedented microstructural detail”. This paper shows that with spectrally modulated gradients, you will receive much more detailed microstructural information than what was previously possible to obtain through diffusion MRI. Interested? […]

Random Walk Imaging at ISMRM 2019!

Come have a chat about our multidimensional diffusion-MRI in booth #306 at #ISMRM2019! We would love to see you there!