Karin Bryskhe



Head of Technology Implementation

Karin is co-founder of Random Walk Imaging and has over 15 years’ experience working with life science companies and within the field of multidimensional diffusion MRI.

At Random Walk Imaging, Karin is responsible for coordination of internal and external development projects and oversees our patent strategy.

Publications and Presentations

Press Release

Random Walk Imaging (RWI) is pleased to announce that Mass General Brigham (MGB) has acquired the advanced patent portfolio on medical imaging developed and held by RWI for the past 15 years. The intellectual property (IP) portfolio, now under MGB’s stewardship, comprises sophisticated MRI techniques and analyses. These methodologies, aimed at elucidating tissue microstructures, hold significant promise in enhancing the diagnostic precision for conditions like cancers and neurological disorders.  It’s noteworthy that several leading global research institutions have integrated and adaptedthese methods to meet contemporary demands in clinical research. At the core of the approach is the “multidimensional diffusion encoding principle,” which enhances specificity in MRI applications, impacting clinical research and patient care. The portfolio contains several exciting MRI technologies, such as b-tensor encoding for mapping microscopic anisotropy, Maxwell-compensated encoding for rapid and accurate b-tensor encoding, M-nulling methods for mapping diffusion in moving organs, filter-exchange imaging for mapping changes in membrane permeability, diffusion-relaxation methods for mapping both microstructure and chemical composition of the tissue, and quantification of the relative amount of water in the tissue microcapillary network for more precise mapping of blood volumes. RWI was founded in 2008, focusing on adapting strategies from solid-state NMR spectroscopy and magnetic resonance