Random Walk Imaging

Dr. Filip Szczepankiewicz

Post Doc, Harvard Medical School

Academic Partners

Filip Szczepankiewicz, has a PhD in Medical Radiation Physics.
He currently holds a Post Doc position at Harvard Medical School with Prof. Carl-Fredrik Westin.

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Dr. Karin Bryskhe

Head of Technology Implementation


+46 (0) 707 522 031

Greta Eklund

Dr. Greta Eklund

Head of Marketing & Administration


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Samo Lasič

Dr. Samo Lasič

Head of Technology Development


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Dr. Alexis Reymbaut

Technical Specialist


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Dr. Daniel Topgaard

Head of Research and Development,
Professor in Physical Chemistry, Lund University


Academic Partners

Dr. Johan Mårtensson

Researcher at The Humanities Lab and at the Department of Logopedics, Phoniatrics, and Audiology, Lund University

Dr. Markus Nilsson

Associate Senior Lecturer at the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Lund University

Dr. Filip Szczepankiewicz

Post Doc, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Carl-Fredrik Westin

Director, Laboratory for Mathematics in Imaging and Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School