Publications and a thesis!

Two new publications by our Research Partners, as well as a thesis defended and done by our former colleague Dr João Martins.


The publication Transferring principles of solid-state and Laplace NMR to the field of in vivo brain MRI, proposes a novel MRI framework to quantify the diverse tissue structures of the living human brain, as demonstrated in a healthy volunteer.  This is done by augmenting conventional diffusion MRI, using correlation methods from Laplace NMR of porous media, and using Monte Carlo data inversion – together, the framework allows the resolution of multiple microscopic tissue environments.

In Accuracy and precision of statistical descriptors obtained from multidimensional diffusion signal inversion algorithms, Dr. Reymbaut and co-authors systematically assess and compare the accuracy and precision of how different inversion techniques estimate the measured diffusion MRI signal, as imprinted by the underlying tissue microstructure.  Most of them share similar precision but differ in accuracy.

We are really happy to congratulate our former colleague Dr. João Martins on finalizing his PhD with an excellent defense.  In his thesis, Dr. Martins offers a tool to interpret advanced diffusion-MRI data, known to be quite complicated, as different properties of the microscopic tissue contribute to the measured signal.  In order to separate the different tissue environments contributing to the signal, Dr. Martins and colleagues adapt strategies from solid-state NMR spectroscopy and magnetic resonance of porous media.

Have a closer look here.

Random Walk Imaging AB is developing a novel proprietary approach to diffusion MRI. RWI is commercializing dVIEWR powered by MICE Toolkit™ as a novel software solution for clinical researchers and radiologists to better visualize and analyze diffusion MRI data. The company’s software solutions introduce a level of specificity to diffusion MRI that is unprecedented and that has the potential to non-invasively differentiate pathologies affected by changes in tissue microstructure. Based in Lund, part of the Swedish-Danish cross-border region of Medicon Valley, RWI has a broad intellectual property portfolio and unique translational expertise in advanced diffusion NMR and MRI methods.