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  • Visit us at ISMRM 2018

    Random Walk Imaging welcome you to our cosy booth 503 at the joint annual meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2018 in Paris. Come to hear all about our multidimensional diffusion MRI methods and perhaps create your own piece of scientific artwork.

    Most-downloaded publication!

    Congratulations to our Academic Partner, Prof. Daniel Topgaard, whose “Multidimensional diffusion MRI” published 2017 in Journal of Magnetic Resonance was one of the journal’s most downloaded and read articles.

    Great days at Grand Hôtel Mölle

    A big thank you to all that made the Diffusion Symposium 2018 possible – we had many fruitful discussions and leave scientifically inspired.

    Arrival at Grand Hôtel Mölle

    Today we met up with the brightest of brains from all over the world at Grand Hôtel in Mölle. We look forward to four days of scientific discussions on free gradient waveforms, q-trajectories, and fat b-tensors.

    Best wishes to Prof. Carl-Fredrik Westin!

    We extend our warmest congratulations to Carl-Fredrik Westin who was installed as Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School on the 14th of December 2017. It is a great privilege to have Prof. Westin as one of our Academic Partners.

    Grand Hotel Mölle

    Diffusion Symposium 2018

    Random Walk Imaging is hosting a Diffusion Symposium at Grand Hôtel Mölle, in January 2018. We aim to bring the best of brains within the field to discuss recent advances and challenges of novel diffusion MRI methods. The symposium objective is to discuss the theoretical findings, and to identify primary applications, for these methods. More […]

    Comparison of the NODDI method and the CODIVIDE method.

    Publication: Entangled information with conventional MRI

    Our collaborators, Björn Lampinen et al., have published an interesting article in NeuroImage, where our academic partner Markus Nilsson is senior author. This paper discusses how conventional diffusion MRI entangles information on the microscopic scale, and how this can result in parameter bias in other methods.

    Our liquid phantom for validation of microscopic diffusion anisotropy measurements on clinical scanners.

    Publication: A phantom for validation

    We are proud to announce that in a newly published paper in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, our academic partner Dr. Markus Nilsson, together with several other partners, collaborators, and our CEO, Dr. Karin Bryskhe, present a phantom capable of validating MRI pulse sequences and data processing methods to quantify microstructure in the human brain. Very […]